~*~ Inspired ~*~ Halloween Crypts and Creeps

It has been a hectic week at ~*~ Inspired ~*~….we’ve started to implement the new vendor system and putting our prefabs and decks on our new rezzer system. But it’s not been all work and no play for us, we managed to get out three new Halloween …no, I am sorry….Four new Halloween releases this week.

We’ve been stock piling in our Halloween Harvest Market as well as setting up a Halloween walk through towards the right back side of our sim, upon entrance. So, if you stop by you have to check it out and please, ignore the construction and if your checking out the creepy Halloween stuff…Midnight setting is awesome!

This Week At Inspired

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Crypt n' Creep

We’ve done a great Haunted Evening Graveyard with tons of creepy spots. Animated Ghosts with sounds, ravens flying above…again with sounds. The inside of the crypt is filled with some fun vampire poses and there is even a gravediggers spot, abandoned….who knows where he went. With scripted doors, sounds, animations, and ghosts, this is sure to be a hit!

The Mounds of Crosses is scripted with poses as well, three ways to say goodbye to your loved ones with the watchful eye of a crow just over your shoulder.

Last, but certainly not least, our Gallows End set offers six different ways to accept the inevitable….with a death scene that will make you squirm. All three releases can be snagged in world at ~*~ Inspired ~*~.

Now, for the not so brave at heart…..these should do the trick. Cute little planters and banners….

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Pumpkin Planters n Banner

Remember, we have our Harvest Halloween Event all season long and everything in the market is under 99L!!!

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