Recent Releases!

Well, spring is here and ~*~ Inspired ~*~ has some new releases to share!  Please check them out on marketplace and reviews are welcome!!

The first is a texture change breakfast set!  With single animations and 15 texture combinations, it will brighten up your morning.  Three different wood textures to choose from!
~*~ Inspired ~*~ Marla Breakfast Set

Color Sample


~*~ Inspired ~*~ Garden Tea Set


~*~ Inspired ~*~ Potters Haven



October Fun @ ~*~ Inspired ~*~

We would like to invite you down to our Farmer’s Market!  We will be putting all our fall and holiday releases there and promise to provide them to you under 100L!  ALL SEASON LONG!  Please, stop through and keep checking for great goodies.  We have homemade soaps, pies, fall decor, and tons of cool little Halloween decorative things for your home!

Our October group gift is a simple Haunted Candlebra with creepy webs to decorate your Halloween Areas this month!!

~*~ Inspired ~*~ GROUP GIFT

IDWH Autumn Spice Hunt

Ends 12th of October….stop by and find the cinnamon stick!

Hunt Gift for IDWH


~*~ Inspired ~*~ Downtown Loft Conversation Station

As for our new releases you can find these on Marketplace and at our Inworld Store

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Haunted Circling Ghosts

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Downtown Loft Living Room Set

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Autumn Tree Deck

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Autumn's Tree House

60L Weekend!!!

With the holiday coming up next month and group gifts being built, with our participation on RFL and getting things summed up before my vacation next week, we didn’t manage to get out a our New Release this week….BUT Never fret, we did finish the 60L item!  It’s original mesh but for the cushions and a beautiful addition to your patio’s, porches, decks, and gardens.  Stop through and grab it at this great price before the weekend is over!!

60L Picasa

Engraved Patio Set

Weekend Fun @ ~*~ Inspired ~*~ for only 60L!!!!

Hey Guys!

We’ve been doing some experimenting with trees and decks….and came up with some cute releases for this weekend….first….our Tree Deck Release is on SALE this weekend ONLY for 60L!!  So hop on through and get it while you can!

ONLY 60L This Weekend!!!

And our Simple Treehouse Release is one of our favorites this summer.  It’s filled with poses for you, your loved ones, and your friends!!  It can sit up to four avatars at a time, so there is lots to do here….it’s a great place to catch the fireworks at after all!!!

~*~ Inspired ~*~ The Simple Treehouse

That’s all for this weekend but we have a firepit set coming next week soooo yay! I am stoked anyways -grins and waves- Have a great weekend everyone!