~*~ Inspired ~*~ was established in August of 2012 between Krysta Ember and RH Engel.  On a whim, the pair got together to retexture some items and enjoyed working together so much they thought…hmm…how about we build a bridge.  At the end of the hour they had built, textured, scripted, and boxed the ~*~ Inspired ~*~ Autumn Village Bridge……and thus ~*~ Inspired ~*~ was born.  With a variety of styles and interests, the pair worked well together to bring home and garden designs that are meant to make a house a home.  With designs inspired and made with the heart of each designer in mind, you will find a great selection of both outdoor and indoor designs to suit your home.

In early 2015, Krysta took the reigns over herself and RH moved on to other interests. Inspired by the many original designs in SecondLife, Krysta dedicated herself to learning how to create original mesh.  A long road that has resulted in the newest releases that are completely original mesh and start a new era in Inspired’s future!




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