Round 6: Black and White

Round 6: Black and White.


Summer’s End Sale & New Releases!!!

Every month I do this….I let things build up and then I have a huge post to share.  Well, here goes it.
~*~ Inspired ~*~ Summers End Sale!

First and foremost, we are having a blowout summer sale on all our summer releases.  This includes our decks, beach huts, summer furniture, garden items, and so much more.  At a reduction of 50% ALL MONTH LONG….you have to stop by!  Prices will only be reduced in world, so skip the marketplace and grab the LM!

We’ve also got out our August Group Gift!

~*~ Inspired ~*~ August Group Gift

Now, for the events and releases…..-smiles-  We worked really hard on all our releases and hope you enjoy them!!
The Black & White Challenge has inspired this little number and you can grab it now at our Main Store…..

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Shades of Gray
Come along and grab our Homestuff Hunt Item….if you can find it.  Homestuff is a great fun hunt that will offer you a sneak peak at all sorts of great designs, but here is ours!!  The Homestuff hunt starts to August 1st….and will last all month long.  Find out more here at their website:

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Grenda Set (HOMESTUFF HUNT)


~*~ Inspired ~*~ Autumn Arbor Place

~*~ Inspired ~*~ All Seasons Oak Tree

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Full Perm Rustic Mesh Doors

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Southwestern Gazebo Walk

The Boats & Bikinis Expo…..

Boats & Bikinis Official Sign

The Boats & Bikinis Expo – July 25th – 31st

Join us for this very special shopping trip along the French Riviera, featuring huge water displays from Second Life’s top boat designers, as well as 20+ of your favorite fashion and home furnishing stores!

Also at the Expo– The Boats & Bikinis Hunt!

A cruise shipped docked in the French Riviera to a horrible mix up! The passengers’ luggage was confused for deliveries to local stores, and now there are suitcases all over town! Help the passengers collect their luggage before the ship leaves port, and collect prizes along the way to reward you for your efforts!

INSTRUCTIONS: Visit the Hanalei Tourism Office on the Expo sim to start the hunt! Follow the clues and search for suitcases inside each store! You MUST complete this hunt by following each clue in order–skipping ahead is not allowed! Use the teleport boards placed around the sim to easily find each location!

~*~ Inspired~*~ is participating in the Boats & Bikini’s Expo and if you are looking for a fun hunt, then you have to try out this one.  We hide our own Beach Towel Rezzer out there so stop by and get that……


~*~ Inspired ~*~ Beach Towel Rezzer

 Here is what you are looking for, a cute little travelling suit case….
Boats and Bikinis Hunt - July 25 - 31

Looking For Bloggers….

~*~ Inspired ~*~ is looking for great Home & Garden Bloggers.

We are finally ready to open up our blogger group. Becoming a blogger for ~*~ Inspired ~*~ offers the bloggers a sneak peak into all our new releases. While we do not expect every single blogger to blog every single piece we give, we do expect at least one blog every two weeks from each of our bloggers within the group.

We understand a lot of times inspiration….just hasn’t struck. If this is the case and you are nearing your two week mark, we welcome a quick IM just to let us know what’s up.

If you are interested in becoming a blogger for ~*~ Inspired ~*~ please fill out the portion below and rename this card to ~*~ Inspired ~*~ Blogger Application/YOUR NAME and send it to Krysta Ember. Please be patient, but if you haven’t heard back within a week, then you are welcome to reapply!

Blogger Name:

Blogger Experience:

How often do you blog?

Do you feel you can contribute a blog once every two weeks for an ~*~ Inspired ~*~ piece?

Link To Your Blog:

Are you syndicated? Where?

What sort of styles would you like to see more of from ~*~ Inspired ~*~?


~*~ Inspired ~*~ Southwestern Gazebo Walk….Original Mesh Design!

The Southwestern Gazebo Walkway is an original mesh design the offers low prim quality structure for your home or garden.

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Southwestern Gazebo Walk

Along with the furniture, the structure will sit 8 avatars in total at one time.

The structure itself is 19 prims. The couch is 3 prims and the table is one. This structure comes with scripted fire and a scripted plant ceiling fan that turns slowly overhead. There is also a water script to allow a realistic movement in the pool.

There are couple sits in the couches, near the fireplace seats, and friends out near the pool area.

Get it Here On Marketplace


Here In World!!!

Gazebo Furniture and Seats

Scripted Fan Gazebo Base

New Release for Outlet Sales Event!

We’ve been working hard on learning Mesh….and I think we are making some great headway.  This round of The Outlet Sales Event, we’ve set out brand new original mesh frames for you guys!  At only 75L a set and 3 prims each….it’s a great little piece to add to your home!  We hope you enjoy them!

Hop over to the event today and grab them!

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Patriotic Frames

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Chalkboard Frames

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Summertime Quoteable Frames

Group Gift & Outlet Sales Event

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Group Gift

Happy Fourth of July…’s coming and to celebrate we are hooking up our group members and subscribers with an adorable little holiday table! We hope you enjoy it!


Also, we are participating in this round of Outlet Stores Sales Room Event and you can get an exclusive color/wood texture of our newest Day Out Deck Swing… stop by and get it for only 100L!!!


~*~ Inspired ~*~ @ Outlet Sales Room Event!!!