60L Weekend!!!

With the holiday coming up next month and group gifts being built, with our participation on RFL and getting things summed up before my vacation next week, we didn’t manage to get out a our New Release this week….BUT Never fret, we did finish the 60L item!  It’s original mesh but for the cushions and a beautiful addition to your patio’s, porches, decks, and gardens.  Stop through and grab it at this great price before the weekend is over!!

60L Picasa

Engraved Patio Set


Weekend Fun @ ~*~ Inspired ~*~ for only 60L!!!!

Hey Guys!

We’ve been doing some experimenting with trees and decks….and came up with some cute releases for this weekend….first….our Tree Deck Release is on SALE this weekend ONLY for 60L!!  So hop on through and get it while you can!

ONLY 60L This Weekend!!!

And our Simple Treehouse Release is one of our favorites this summer.  It’s filled with poses for you, your loved ones, and your friends!!  It can sit up to four avatars at a time, so there is lots to do here….it’s a great place to catch the fireworks at after all!!!

~*~ Inspired ~*~ The Simple Treehouse

That’s all for this weekend but we have a firepit set coming next week soooo yay! I am stoked anyways -grins and waves- Have a great weekend everyone!

This Week @ ~*~ Inspired ~*~

We have some great new Meshly Items for you this week…..first, our newest prefab The Sunspot Beach House offers a beautiful array of sunlight through the windows and stone and wood textures give it a welcoming feeling.  The attached deck also gives you space to enjoy a morning coffee or a cook out with friends over the water.  At only 12 prims, it’s a great deal!!

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Sunspot Beach House

We have also released our new Day Out Deck Swing that hosts a couples, friends, and single menu….the swing comes in four different colors and is a great versatile piece to add to your garden, beach, or water setting.

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Day Out Deck Swing in Red

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Day Out Deck Swing in Green

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Day Out Deck Swing in Blue

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Day Out Deck Swing in Yellow

Finally, we’ve added in a fun little gacha to our expanding collection at our Gatcha shop located just behind our main store.  The swings have single poses and come in five different colors….and the RARE has couple poses inside!!!  Come try out for 75L!!!

~*~ Inspired ~*~ Gatcha Swinging Free

Original Mesh and Something Retro!!

So RH and I finally figured out a lil bit more about our Mesh Skillz….and we are so excited about the things we are learning.  It’s opening up so much!  So, in celebration of that, we have two items we are very proud to release.  The first is a Retro Pallet Table that was inspired by our friend Finn Lawksley….she begged for it and we obliged….months later.  To sweeten the deal though, we added on the record player that is completely original mesh from ~*~ Inspired ~*~.  It is scripted to play on your land a bunch of radio stations…..so…without further ado….tada fingers!!

We are also releasing our last in series of our Tote Beach Towel Rezzer…..tons of fun in this one.  It has two double towels, one cuddle blanket with a picnic basket, and one single towel.  With so many options, this is a def buy this summer!

~*~ Inspired ~*~ For The Summer…

We have two great releases this week.  Our first is the second in our series of Tote Rezzers.  Grab that tote and head to the beach…..this rezzer has room enough for you and a friend with a multitude of great poses and props as well as two variations of colors to choose from.

We’ve also released our Beach Cottage (MESH) in Teal.  With a scripted door and working fan, it’s the perfect little get away!  At a low 28 prims it’s a perfect fit for small parcels too!  Turn your place into an oasis of color and relaxation!!
You can find these and more great designs @ The following Locations!!