New Releases for this Weekend!!!

Well….it’s turning into June and with that comes a ton of summertime activities.  One of my favorite is swimming.  Our newest release is the Beach Towel Tote rezzer, the first in a series of it’s kind.  Flop it down in the sand and rezz your towel of choice.

Get this Forgotten Corner Sidetable for only 60L!!!
Exclusive for 60L WEEKEND ONLY!!!

Epic Release, Home Expo 2013, and GATCHA CENTER!!!

We have been so busy at ~*~ Inspired ~*~!!!   We wanted to have an awesome summer release for you and with the preparations for the RFL Home Expo, well…we got a little backed up….so understand the quick flood of releases I am about to fawn all over you!!

New Gatcha Center!!! A little red shop in the back….the first floor is our Gatcha center where we will add new Gatcha Items every week….and our top floor is loaded with great sale items, hunt items on the cheap, and lots of other great little items.

With the new sim design we have added in a great big garden area where you can roam and purchase plants, grass, trees, rock walls…..if its out there, you can buy it and take it home!!

Off to the back of the sim is our beach area and while we’ve got prefabs growing back there, keep checking back for new things all summer….right passed our green house…..

Don’t forget to wander through the sim, enjoy the atmosphere, and some shopping!!

Check our first…our items for the Home Expo 2013….and please go by and grab something for a great cause!!!  Find us at the Home Expo right HERE!!!

Find all these great releases at our Main Store!!!!  You can stop through and grab these on Marketplace HERE or…In world HERE